Memories Meet the Evolution of our Lives

South Beach looking south

by Kristy Benz, Cochrane, AB, studying at Bishops University in Sherbrook, QC

I have yet to pass a summer which has not brought me to the shores of South Beach. Each time I arrive, approaching the familiar roads and waiting for the first view of the lake, I am beguiled by a medley of emotions, ranging from anticipation to serenity to a strange feeling of nostalgia for summers past. I am in that car right now, remembering. I remember the old outhouse, I remember bathing in the kitchen sink, I remember the sandbars, and fishing for minnows with a butterfly net. I remember slipping and falling into the water wearing my new birthday dress, I remember building rafts and learning to windsurf and capsizing the canoe. I remember the old pump on the corner of Third and Hansson. I remember ghost stories around the fire and my uncle jumping out of the bushes at the scariest part. I remember shooting stars and watching the sunrise and lazy afternoons. I remember.

South Beach is a place where memories meet the constant evolution of our lives; it is a living memory. It continues, it breathes, it laps upon our consciousness like the waves upon its pebbly shores. Friends and family come together and recount past summers, yet each passing summer brings something new. Every afternoon Scrabble game will yield different words, each scavenger hunt will end in wildly varied findings, and every firework display will elicit a different chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’. And of course South Beach is not just about the summer. It lives and grows and changes in all the seasons, when the leaves fall and the geese depart and the lake freezes over. South Beach will be different the next time we see it. It changes and we change. We change it and it changes us. And we will always remember.