Picnic 2017

written by Val Verity

S.B.P.O.A picnic 2017 was a great success!!


Cake donated by Lorraine Walton

Firstly, we can’t thank Dorothy Keizer enough for all the years she tirelessly convened this annual picnic and made it look so effortless along with her late husband, Ron Keizer by her side!!  They are both greatly missed in South Beach!

Lisa Raymond, our new President, and myself, Val Verity, new Treasurer, would like to thank all the volunteers who came forward to lend a helping hand as well as those who attended to help make this picnic a great success…….it certainly helped that the weather co-operated!!!

Ralph Caligiuri was happy with the bocce ball tournament.  Although, he would be much happier if there was greater participation.  Let’s help Ralph with that next year!

Ralph and Peter were the excellent chefs at the BBQ’s.  Josie Lucidi and Eveline Milliken helped set up the food tables.   We had 2 young enthusiastic volunteers selling tickets at the gate, Lorraine Walton and Paulette Sullivan were selling tickets at the silent auction table and Bryan Verity was collecting membership fees at the gate.  All went very smoothly!

Thank you to John Borelli for donating the A&W burgers and buns.  Also, thank you to everyone who brought tasty salads and the cakes which were donated by Lorraine Walton and Chrissie Mendela.  It certainly takes a good team to create such a fun event.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Guy at Superior Asphalt for donating and installing the asphalt under the structure in the park which made the site so much cleaner for the BBQ’s and tables of food.    Also, thank you to Ross Moore for donating the grand door prize of $1,000.00 for a comprehensive eye exam and eye wear.  For the silent auction items….. Cliff King for donating Remax balloon rides for 2 people, Charlie and Joanne Burns for donating a new bicycle, Ken and Kathleen Coe for the golf gift certificates at the Teulon Golf Course, Lorraine Walton for a large wok pan, Thomas Achenbach and Angie Auer for the sports equipment, Vactionville Store in Gimli for children’s clothing, and Paulette Sullivan for the gardening items.   Thank you, Ev Ward de Roo, for putting up the signs to advertise the annual picnic and sending out the emails to everyone.

Also, thank you to those who stepped up to help with the races…….many young children and the big kids too had a great time!

We had a fabulous turnout this year!!

Let’s do a repeat next year!!!! 21317608_10154771410982554_2114721202490224442_n 21271080_10154771411162554_5904314631986178688_n 21272570_10154771411432554_2770020950932125254_n 21271194_10154771413962554_4524647247854338079_n 21317651_10154771412197554_4808874753958726829_n 21271215_10154771413832554_8187244554070463733_n