signSouth Beach Property Owners’ Association (SBPOA) membership is open to residents of South Beach and household members who are 18 years of age or older. Each household with paid membership will be allowed one vote. Membership dues are $10 and run from July 1 to June 30th.

2020-21 Executive:

  • Lisa Raymond, Chair
  • Bryan Verity, Vice Chair
  • Joanne Burns, Treasurer
  • Debbie Krysowaty, Secretary

Why pay a membership fee? A community organization with shared values and branding or website cannot exist without a paid membership. The money collected acts also as a safety net for any projects we may want to accomplish together.  The shared spaces we all enjoy are due to the foresight of our members over many years. Parks, good beach access, maintained roads, signage and cleanliness are all things we value. In terms of advocacy, a group has a stronger voice than just one voice. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us to get the ear of the RM of Gimli.

You may pay your annual $10 membership at any time by handing it to any executive member or give a $10 cheque made payable to South Beach Property Owners Association to the Treasurer or by paying at the annual picnic.

Membership area is bounded on the east by Lake Winnipeg, on the south by Willow Island Rd, and on the west by South Colonization Road, and on the north by Colville Drive also known as the Government Ditch.

SBPOA Meetings

THE cakeAccording to our constitution we hold one Annual General Meeting the first Saturday after the July long weekend. Meetings are held at the outdoor pavilion at J. Stephen Park (corner of Anna and Howard). Please bring your own lawn chair and coffee cup.

If you have property in South Beach you may also join our closed FACEBOOK group.


SBPOA Constitution (July 2019)

Minutes 19-07-06

Minutes 19-05-18

Minutes 18-09-01

Minutes 18-07-07

Minutes 18-05-18

Minutes 17-9-2

 AGM 17-7-8 minutes

Minutes 17-05-20

Minutes 16-07-02

Minutes 16-05-21

Minutes 15-09-05

Minutes 15-07-04

Minutes 15-05-16

Minutes 14-08-31

Minutes 14-05-18